Countdown timers

Countdown Timers

Our countdown timers provides a digital time readout, as well as a second dial and minute dial (sensory circle timer) for full visual awareness of how much time is remaining. There is a spoken and/or chimed alert per minute and in the last seconds of the final minute. Perfect for studying, live streaming, school classrooms, working out, church events, presentations, contests, or really any timed activity!

They are ideal timers for those with ADHD and/or sensory processing concerns; the visual timer and audible alerts provide an effective tool for illustrating the passage of time, while the lack of music reduces distraction and helps them maintain concentration and focus. Suitable for children and adults, it is perfect for school classrooms and labs, with a clear and practical timer for teachers, as well as for limited time activities and events like presentations, studying, and working out. It is also perfect for youth groups, VBS, and more!

Click here for the full YouTube playlist of sensory countdown timers!