Keith Adams of the Proper Authorities

The Proper Authorities

The Proper Authorities is the solo musical project of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Keith Adams. Known for his work with the bands The HynxSound MindGiant Wow, and 1000 Watt Revival, Adams created the Proper Authorities to branch out and work on his lifelong composition and performance skills.

As in past groups, he continues to experiment strongly in the modern pop rock genre with sounds and grooves that aren’t usually found there. His appreciation for over-the-top arrangements is tempered nicely by his love for good hooks. His lyrics touch on a variety of subjects: matters of self; emotional snapshots in time; tragic and comic figures; and the things that we all want… or at least think that we want.

The Proper Authorities: Discography

The Proper Authorities: Perfect AlibiAlt Rock / Rock Funk / Electro Rock
Single: Perfect Alibi [2021]

The Proper Authorities: Regain ControlAlt Rock / Rock Pop / Punk Pop
Single: Regain Control [2019]

The Proper Authorities: Public Service AnnouncementAlt Rock / Rock Pop / Electro Rock
Album: Public Service Announcement [2006]

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